Aching joints and arthritis—keep your joints mobile

Three keys to managing arthritis:

  • manage the pain
  • keep yourself mobile
  • prevent deterioration.

Don't you wish you could give your joints a 'grease and oil'?

Well, in a way you can. For many people over 40 the cartilage in their joints wears down leaving bones scraping together—without a buffer. This means they don't work as well at shock absorbing as they used to leading to stiff, sore joints.

Supplements can help restore the cartilage when taken regularly which in turn helps to put a little spring back in your step and helps lessen the discomfort.

Get mobilised—fight aching joints and arthritis.

Get mobilised—fight aching jointsRemember when you were younger and it felt as though you were walking on air?

There is a clinical reason for this. When you were younger your cartilage (joints) were more effective at shock absorbing. They were more resilient but as time passed they lost their ability to 'spring back' as effectively—leaving you with stiff, sore joints.


Arthritis is the leading cause of chronic pain and disability in Australia. Nine out of ten Australians over the age of 40 have some form of the disease—the most common being osteoarthritis.

Because osteoarthritis causes degradation of joint cartilage there is presently no cure. Its symptoms are usually exacerbated in colder weather, however changes to your diet including eating more cold water fish like tuna and salmon; doing low-impact exercise like swimming, tai chi or even ballroom dancing; and taking good natural supplements all combine to have a considerable effect on managing symptoms and increasing mobility.

Osteoarthritis does not discriminate against age or gender. The older we get the more likely our chances that we will develop the disease but even young people, especially those involved in contact sports like football and netball, are at risk.

While many sufferers might describe their symptoms as annoying niggles, others experience excruciating pain and disfigurement, which can have profound effects on mobility and the ability to complete the simplest day-to-day tasks. It can also affect a person's mental health.

If left untreated osteoarthritis can become a debilitating disease. So, the more you are able to do to lessen the symptoms at diagnosis, the greater your chances of keeping it manageable. The good news is there is much that can be done to achieve that goal through traditional medicine, natural therapies and lifestyle changes.

Mater Pharmacy staff members can answer any questions you might have about osteoarthritis and joint pain. As arthritis is such a common ailment in our community we have made it a prime focus in our pharmacy. The pharmacy has an 'aching joints and arthritis' solution kiosk which you will find full of helpful tips and printed material to take away.

For more information about improving mobility, combating pain, swelling and osteoarthritis, or to find out more about the activities focusing on this health issue, come into a Mater Pharmacy any time for a chat with one of our pharmacists.

Healthy bones for life.

Healthy bones for lifeBone is a living tissue that is constantly being broken down and renewed. Bone makes up the framework of the body and contains minerals, such as calcium, to make it strong and resilient. Osteoporosis, meaning "bones with holes", is a condition in which bones become brittle, lose their strength and break (fracture) more easily than normal bone. Even a minor bump or fall can cause a serious fracture. Read more about keeping your bones healthy.

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