Digestive Health

Digestion and liver function—everything works smoothly

For a healthy intestine and liver it is important to:

  • clear the gut of toxins and unfriendly bacteria
  • increase gut transit time
  • ensure a well functioning liver.

Stress is a crucial contributor to digestive problems. It can lower or increase stomach acid production and affect important secretion of enzymes, digestive juices and hormones. It can make gut and bowel movement irregular, as well as reducing the flow of blood to the stomach and intestine.

You are what you eat.

You are what you eat It is amazing how significantly our digestion is affected by what, when and how we eat.

Eat slowly, drink slowly (don't gulp), have most of your liquids between meals (not with meals) and do some light activity after eating—walk it off.

Indigestion? Heartburn?

Indigestion Heartburn Did you know that between 20-60 per cent of wind (gas) is actually swallowed air. This can be from rushing your food or drinking fizzy drinks, but it can also be caused by poor fitting dentures, sucking lollies or even smoking.

We have plenty of ways to help reduce the discomfort. Drop into Mater Pharmacy and let us see how we can help you.

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