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Managing the stages of your life.

Managing the stages of your lifeSometimes being a woman can be tough on your body. The female body is designed not only to support you but to potentially create and sustain another life—which is itself a wondrous feat.

All of this 'functionality' can be hard to manage. You may be experiencing weight gain, fluid retention and problem skin. Don't panic we can help with whatever stage you're at—come in and see one of the Mater Pharmacy Team today.

Experiencing hot flushes?

Experiencing hot flushesDid you know there are no words to accurately explain hot flushes in the Japanese language? In Japan people eat a diet rich in soy products which are high in phyto-oestrogens—nature's closest match to your body's female hormones. If you don't eat a lot of soy, don't despair, there is still plenty you can do. Come in to Mater Pharmacy where we've got great new ways to help you manage your symptoms to get the most out of life.

Healthy bones for life.

Healthy bones for lifeBone is a living tissue that is constantly being broken down and renewed. Bone makes up the framework of the body and contains minerals, such as calcium, to make it strong and resilient. Osteoporosis, meaning "bones with holes", is a condition in which bones become brittle, lose their strength and break (fracture) more easily than normal bone. Even a minor bump or fall can cause a serious fracture. Read more about keeping your bones healthy.

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