Healthy Heart

Healthier heart—keep it pumping properly

Medical science is still unravelling some of the hidden risk factors of heart disease. The good news is that most heart disease is probably preventable.

Most of the major factors that increase our risk of heart disease are caused by narrowing of the arteries which are the vessels through which blood is pumped throughout the body and to the brain.

To help prevent heart disease you can:

  • Stop smoking
    Smoking quadruples the risk of heart attack. Come and see our Mater Pharmacists who can help tailor a stop smoking program to suit your needs.
  • Achieve a healthy weight
    Obesity puts the heart at great risk especially for apple shaped people. Visit our healthy weight section where you can work out how much you should lose and our Mater Pharmacy staff can help you set sensible goals and to help you stay on track.
  • Reduce stress
    Under stress the body goes into a fight or flight response which provokes a temporary increase in blood pressure. The heart beats faster, arteries constrict and heart rhythms may become abnormal. In turn, this may lead to palpitations, hyperventilation, chest pain and even a heart attack. You can help yourself deal with stress by finding the right way to manage it. Visit the reduce stress section in Mater Pharmacy for ideas to help. If necessary, seek support from a qualified psychologist or counsellor—talk to your GP for a referral.
  • Know your numbers
    Come in for a blood pressure check.


Is your heart in the right shape?

Is your heart in the right shapeThe heart is the body's most important muscle and most of us are not very good at looking after it. This can be because we really don't know just how easy it can be to do it. Regular exercise, a good low-fat diet, rich in omega 3's and the right anti-oxidants, relaxation and regular medical check-ups is all most people need. The benefit is that your whole body will feel good—not just your heart!

Come into a Mater Pharmacy to get some advice on how to keep your heart pumping properly and for a free blood pressure check anytime.

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