Healthy Weight

Take control, maintain for life

Seven keys to losing weight:

  • don't try to lose weight too fast—take it slowly
  • don't set unrealistic goals—lose weight in 10 per cent increments
  • match the exercise you do with the calories you consume
  • avoid untested or fad approaches
  • find out what foods to eat as well as appropriate portion sizes
  • nothing changes if nothing changes
  • have a plan and a process

Are you carrying around more weight than you need to?

Are you carrying around more weight than you need toWould you be happier being 12 kg lighter?

If you are carrying around too much weight, don't despair. We have proven processes that can help you shed those excess kilos for good. And you don't have to do it alone.

Mater Pharmacy has the right knowledge, products and advice to help you reach your goals and to help you maintain your ideal weight, just ask us.

Losing? Wait…. don't give up!

Lose weightWeight loss is a gradual process and sometimes weight fluctuates … so don't panic.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a life long thing. Of course there are times when you may stray a little. Don't be discouraged, we can help you with your plateaus.

The main aim is to stay on track and keep your eye on the long term goal. Don't be alarmed or discouraged by small weight gains.

Come into Mater Pharmacy and we'll help get you back on track on your journey to a lighter, slimmer version of you.

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