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Quit smoking—beat the habit for life

Craving problems?

Craving problems Are cigarettes the first thing you think about when you wake up? Even worse do you dream about them? Can you taste, smell and see cigarettes everywhere? Don't worry you are not alone and you don't have to put up with the cravings. Plenty of smokers experience similar problems and we can help you deal with them.

At Mater Pharmacy we have a system, the knowledge and the products to help you quit smoking for life. Come into the pharmacy and visit our quit smoking section to determine the most suitable products and process based on your smoking habits and previous attempts to quit.

The same approach does not work for all, however our Mater Pharmacy staff can assist you with finding the most effective process to successfully beat your smoking habit. You're not alone. Drop in and speak with one of our highly qualified pharmacists.

You can quit smoking!

You can quit smoking The decision to quit smoking is one that many people continually put off for all the wrong reasons. At Mater Pharmacy our system can help you through making the best decision of your life.

Becoming an ex smoker involves overcoming three hurdles:

  • the addiction to nicotine
  • the habit of smoking
  • the psychological/emotional dependency.

No matter if you are a social smoker or a heavy smoker we have a system, the knowledge and the products to help you quit smoking for life.

Craving attention—two weeks is the danger time

Craving attention After two weeks the nicotine addiction may be over but there is still more to do.

Sometimes will power alone is not enough.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Add to that all of the social situations and psychological triggers and it's no wonder it's a hard habit to beat. We can help make it easier. Nicotine addiction passes fairly quickly. It's often harder to break the psychological 'need' for a cigarette or the social pairings, like having a cigarette and a drink with your friends.

Getting the right support and strategy now is vital if you want to quit for life. Mater Pharmacy has a system that will help. You're not alone so come and see us today.

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