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As an extension of Mater Health Services philosophy to provide for the health care needs of the community, Mater Pharmacy partners with doctors, hospitals and allied health professionals to provide a comprehensive health solution for you and your family.

Mater Pharmacy is part of Mater Health Services, a not-for-profit organisation which reinvests revenue to help meet the health care needs of Queenslanders. By supporting Mater Pharmacy you are contributing to better health outcomes for your community.

We provide

  • Individualised care—because everybody is different
  • Comprehensive care—because your health is our focus
  • Exceptional care—because we're Mater

Mater Pharmacy Redland Team

The team at Mater Pharmacy Redland are highly qualified to assist you with prescription and over the counter medicines, including advice for the whole family. Come in store or ask us.

Yolande Earl Yolande Earl

Yolande Earl has eight years experience in Pharmacy. She has recently moved to Brisbane with her family and is very excited to join the Mater Pharmacy Redland team. Yolande has worked in the health industry for over 15 years and is keen to share her knowledge and experience with customers. Yolande has a special interest in vitamins and natural health and is looking forward to helping customers manage their health needs.

Cindy Kunst Cindy Kunst

Cindy has lived and worked in Redland for the last three years and really enjoys everything that it has to offer. She has worked in community pharmacy for over 10 years and gets great satisfaction out of helping people. Cindy has a particular interest in vitamins and looks forward to learning and sharing her knowledge with Mater Pharmacy customers. She is enthusiastic about being able to deliver the best health solutions to all customers.

Cathy Dawson Cathy Dawson

Cathy has lived locally for 12 years and is married with three children (aged 10, 7 and 5 months). She has five years experience as a pharmacy assistant and in this time has found she loves dealing with the older generation and chatting with them about their life experiences. Having a newborn recently has refreshed her knowledge regarding baby care. She is excited to be part of the Mater Pharmacy team and endeavours to provide exceptional care to all customers.

Ros Ford Ros Ford

Ros has lived in Redland for 26 years and has been working in the area for seven years. Having been in Pharmacy for 30 years she has seen many changes. Ros has worked as a Dispensary Technician for the past seven years and is very excited to be working for Mater Pharmacy Redland and looking forward to the challenges it will present. Ros is interested in Diabetes Management and has been integral in the set up of Mater Pharmacy as an agent for National Diabetes Services Scheme. In her spare time Ros is an active triathlete and has been competing in triathlons for the past 14 years.

Jameela Omarjee Jameela Omarjee

Jameela has worked for Mater at South Brisbane for three years as a ward based pharmacist. She is now ready for the challenge of working in a new community environment and doing her best to meet customer's needs. She is especially looking forward to meeting and getting to know members of the community. Jameela's main area of interest is aged care and optimal use of medicines in the elderly.

Brenda Marment Brenda Marment

Brenda is married with two very young children. She has lived in Redland for the past six years and has worked in the pharmacy industry for the past 19 years. Prior to making the transition to Mater Pharmacy Redland, Brenda was part of the pharmacy team at South Brisbane, gaining an understanding of how a hospital pharmacy operates.

Meg Shapcott Meg Shapcott

Meg is a new resident to Redland. She is enjoying discovering its many hidden treasures. Meg has been a community pharmacist for nearly 20 years and continues to enjoy helping people with their health, which is such an important part of their lives. She has worked throughout Queensland, New South Wales and in the UK and is now happy to be settling locally and looking forward to serving the local community.

Tracey Walters Tracey Walters

Tracey has over 10 years experience in community pharmacy and has worked in the Redland area as a pharmacist since qualifying five years ago. Tracey is very excited to join Mater Pharmacy and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide even better care for the Redland Community. Tracey is focused on doing everything in her professional capacity to provide patient-centred management and prevention of health conditions.

Cheryl Tite Cheryl Tite

Cheryl is a pharmacist with over 26 years experience who is passionate about providing quality health advice to assist members of the community to understand and better manage their own health. Cheryl is a trained asthma educator and a credentialed pharmacist for the Diabetes Medication Assistance Service. She is married with two teenage daughters and has lived and worked in Redland for the past 18 years.

Maddie Loadsman Maddie Loadsman

Maddie is a Redland resident and is very excited to have joined the Mater Pharmacy team at Cleveland. Although Maddie has worked for Mater during the last year, this is her first time working as a pharmacy assistant. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland and has just completed her second year of the course. Maddie is looking forward to gaining valuable experience and learning from other experienced staff at Mater Pharmacy.

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